Fall Adult Flamenco Classes starting September 1st – December 20th 2014.

Taught by PyA artistic Director Elba Hevia y Vaca

imageSaturday Classes:

New Beginner/Introduction to Flamenco

10-11:30 am

Introduction to the various flamenco “palos” (family rhythms) through,

  • Colocacion: upper and lower body placement
  • Braceo: basic arm movements
  • Taconeo: footwork patterns
  • Marcaje: marking patterns
  • Palmas: hand-clapping
  • Vueltas: turns
  • Choreography- phrase work that will help you understand the structure of the various palo’s

Advanced Beginner


Classes include technique for increasing complexities and speed in footwork, upper body stylization, incorporating full body expression in choreography. This level includes a more in depth study of ,

  • Palmas,
  • Musicality of palos
  • A more in depth of understanding compás with various palos..
  • Choreography- continuing to further understand the structure of dance with various palo’s

Monday Classes:

Intermediate/Advanced –

7-8:30 pm

This class is recommended for advanced dancers with a focus on learning choreographies for performance opportunities and therefore choreography for different “palos” will be taught in order to build a repertory of work.

Class include:

  • Technique for increasing complexities and speed in footwork
  • Upper body stylization to incorporate full body expression in choreography
  • Palmas- understand your role as you play palmas, and how to accompany dancer and guitarist
  • Musicality of palos and more depth of understanding the compás with various palos.
  • Study the relationship between dance and cante (verse) and the structure of various palos

Wednesday Classes:

Advanced Beginner-


Technique for increasing complexities and speed in footwork, upper body stylization, incorporating full body expression in choreography. Included in this level,

  • palmas,
  • musicality of palos
  • more depth of understanding compás with various palos.
  • Additional study of Sevillanas.  Sevillanas are a type of folk music and dance of Seville and its region. They were derived from the Seguidilla, an old Castilian folk music and dance genre. In the nineteenth century they were influenced by Flamenco. They have a relatively limited musical pattern but are rich in lyrics based on country life, virgins, country towns, neighborhoods, pilgrimage, and love theme

Choreographies are prepared for Student Showcases presented each year for all levels of classes. Cost per class is $15 or you can purchase a 6 class card for $78. Student and artist discounts available upon request.

Fall Children’s Flamenco Classes- Starting September 1st – December 20th 2014

Taught by Monica Craun

Children’s Flamenco (ages 4 to 7)

Saturdays 1:30 to 2:30 PM

Tuesdays 4:00 to 5:00 PM

This class is an introductory exploration of the art of Flamenco including technique, discussions on history and rhythms as well as choreography and performance.

  • Flamenco body and arm positions
  • Footwork technique and footwork patterns
  • Flamenco turns including vuelta quebrada
  • Accentuating movements with floreo (hand movements)
  • Marcaje or marking of rhythms using arms, feet and body
  • Ability to identify the palos (rhythms) of Tangos, Bulerias and Alegrias
  • Proper palmas and rhythmic accentuation for the palos
  • Sequencing of the various exercises to create choreographies

Cost: $12 or 6 classes for $60

Alternative Dance Style Classes- Starting September 1st – December 20th 2014

Taught by Monica Craun

Brazilian Samba

Saturdays: 3:00 to 4:30 PM

In this class we will learn the traditional samba steps from Rio de Janeiro, along with Samba do Pe from Salvador de Bahia. We will learn to play with the different rhythmic variations of Samba and Afro Brazilian movements eventually leading up to full choreographies. Carnival in Brazil is one of the major holidays, and one of the first times historically when people of all races were allowed to celebrate together. It was a time when social norms and class were no longer important as women, children, Africans, Portuguese and Indigenous were all free to celebrate and dance together. Samba dance itself is a fusion of these various cultures as the indigenous and African movements merged in colonial Brazil. This is the courage of Samba~ a chance to come together and celebrate! All ages are welcome**

Cost: $12

Oriental Dance Class

Tuesdays 6:00 to 7:15 PM

Egyptian style Belly Dance also known as Oriental Dance is an ancient and fun style of dance traditionally danced throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa. It was originally danced for the ancient Mother Goddesses Isis, Hathor and Cybele and is a joyful and rhythmic invocation of the powers of the feminine. We will learn the steps, shimmies, hip, chest and shoulder accents as well as veil work used in this exciting and ancient artform ~ coin belts and other props will be provided*. At the end of every class is a short section of rejuvenation Yoga with essential oils~

Cost: $12

The cost per class is $12 or you can purchase a 6-class card for $60 (to be used within 3 months). Student scholarships and discounts available upon request. All classes are held at the 6411 Overbrook Garage Studio, Philadelphia, PA 19151.

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