Master teacher and performer, Raquel Heredia, once again returns to Philadelphia to teach another incredible workshop.

About Raquel Heredia, (“La Repompilla“):

Raquel Heredia was born March 19th, 1979 in en el Barrio de la Trinidad, Málaga. She is the daughter of Rafaela Reyes “La Repompa“. She began her dancing career early on in Canada with the support of her family before moving to New York to work with dancer Juan Andrés Maya. She has danced in venues such as the Apollo Theater, Colegio de Médicos, Casa Patas, La Villa, Lope de Vega, and Isabella Catholica. She has done numerous tours in the US, Norway, Netherlands, Morocco, Turkey and Paris. She has shared the stage with Antonio Canales, Carmen Linares, Miguel Poveda, Los Farrucos, La Saga Habichuela, Manolete, Marina Heredia and has performed in the Biennial de Málaga.

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All workshop classes will be at the Overbrook Garage Studio, 6411 Overbrook Avenue.