The beginning student is introduced to simpler palos (rhythm families) through a series of specific studies:

  • Flamenco posture
  • Torso and shoulder exercises for the flamenco movement
  • Exercising the wrist, palm and fingers (hand movements)
  • Exercising the head and arms
  • Basic head and arm positions
  • Exercising the hips
  • Putting the exercises into sequence
  • Postures for footwork and basic blows
  • Sequences of footwork with body and skirt movement to the various flamenco rhythms
  • Exercises of palmas (hand clapping) to increase rhythmic understanding
  • Sequences of movements with application of all the above in the various flamenco palos and cante

July 22


– 12:00

(1h 30′)

Overbrook Garage Studio

Elba Hevia y Vaca